2 Months Old


 We had our 2 month check up the other day and were pleased to see Luke’s weight was up and in a good percentile. 

  • Weight – 11 lbs 15 oz (42%tile)
  • Length – 2′ (91%tile)
  • Head Cir. – 15.5″ (61%tile)

He also got a round of vaccinations and Mom completely cried even though Luke did a great job and Dad didn’t even flinch (for those of you who know Rich well, his two only fears are needles and clowns). 

Luke has been a lot of fun this month. With a record of 11 hours straight of sleeping we feel like the luckiest parents on earth. He loves playing on his playmat with his friends DJquack, Leaves of Bunches, Mr. Neck, Yellowface, and the one who keeps everyone in order- The Judge. Stroller walks still are more fun that car rides and Luke has started to enjoy baths and being changed, unlike his first month when Mom and Dad would have to move quickly  to minimize crying. 

Luke has also started to make more cute baby noises and even mimics Daddy with a little low volume screaming game they play where he lifts his arms and yells Ah after Daddy does it. Sometimes Luke opens his mouth and tries so hard nothing comes out – we are still so proud. 

We haven’t quite gotten a laugh out of him yet, but he is definitely smiling at us. 

His head control was pretty good from the start, but is getting even better. We loves sitting upright (maybe because he is so gassy and spits up quite a bit) and is holding his head up more and more with his arms during tummy time. 

Witching hour (6-7) has definitely been much better with social hour at the Doherty’s and his buddy Charlie. Daddy is thrilled since this means he doesn’t have to crack as many jokes about Mommy singing to Luke. Now I know why my mom used to “talk about education” to put me to sleep instead of singing 😉

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