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Things they don’t tell you about being a mom.

  In no particular order, here’s what I discovered and want to remember when we have kids #2:

  • The more you feed your baby, the longer they sleep. So although they look cute sleeping during a feeding, wake them up so they keep eating. Your sleep depends on it.
  • Change diapers almost every hour. Diaper rash is very easy to get – it’s the poop and pee mixed together that kills off their skin.
  • They LOVE to watch ceiling fans. Like for days. Park them under one if you have one.
  • You have ZERO bladder control for a couple weeks after delivery. Literally, can’t do a kegel to save your life. Don’t worry, it does come back.
  • That black line, takes a long time to go away, and unfortunately, it get much darker after you deliver.
  • Pacifiers? – yes. Don’t refrain from giving them one even if your breastfeeding. Your baby knows the difference. Don’t let the lactation consultant tell you otherwise.
  • Same with bottles. Teach them how to use the bottle early or it will be tough later in. We waited a week and he did breast and bottle perfectly.
  • Bibs are great holders of binkies! They are also good spit up rags.
  • Self soothe – grunts and little fusses, let them go. Loud screams consistently for a minute or so, something’s wrong.
  • 9 times out of 10, they are hungry. Pacing and bouncing with them in your arms outside (fresh air) works well when they are fussy. And Rachel’s crazy swinging from Friends? The technique totally works!
  • Go on a stroller walk every day. They love it and it’s good exercise for you.
  • Changing table liners – worth it!!! (Thanks for the tip Fran!)
  • Use a stool softener before and after delivery. Hemroids are very real and painful.
  • Your feet swell before and even more after delivery if you have bad circulation like me. Elevate your feet, wear compression socks and drink water as much as you can. It goes away after a couple of weeks
  • Being a mom is the best. People prepare you for the worst and it’s easier than you expect, especially with help from your significant other.

There’s something about Megans

  Both Megans have been named the baby whisperer. Luke just melts in there arms and falls asleep as if he has known them forever. It’s awesome.

We went on our first food adventure in Oakland with Luke this weekend. He did great, especially with the help of Megan and Howie who took care of him the whole time. We definitely had missed trying new food places with these two, but are glad we are back at it and showing Luke how it’s done.

1 Month Old



 Luke turned one month old today and we shockingly remembered to take his picture! Although it was right before bedtime, we managed to get a good one. The outtakes however, were our favorites. Mommy can’t stop laughing at one of the goofy faced ones.

Our first month with Luke has been crazy, but not because of our little guy. Luke is such a cooperative baby, adapting easily to whatever we introduce to him whether it be breastfeeding, bottles, formula, getting used to day vs. night and a sleep schedule, walks in the stroller with mom, and even Kara licking her toes and giving him the constant diaper check. Mommy and Daddy are just starting to learn his cues and faces, but Mommy struggled a little bit with self soothing. I guess I do have more of a motherly-instinct in me that I thought.

Luke loves to make us laugh and smile with his loud toots, adorable stretching, funny faces, crazy hair days, & tummy time with Dad on his chest. We’ve even managed to get out at times for a few hours, where we were able to celebrate Zoe’s 4th birthday at Tooties.

While Daddy mastered swaddling and is an expert on the best swaddle brands (we have every single type) Mom started recovering from her crazy boob abscess nightmare and pulling her back out. We can’t wait to see what month 2 brings us, but so far we couldn’t be happier with our little tike.

Daddy is Old!

  Today Daddy turned 37. Although he thought he was 36 and was sad to realize he was actually 37, we had a great time. He played around with his new fancy car polisher from Germany, and Auntie Mimi (Megan) was so great to watch Luke for us so we could go out to sushi and ice cream for dinner. We know you’re old Dad, but we love you just the same and know you will always be a kid at heart.