3 Months Old & Back to Work

Almost a year ago to the day, Rich and I jumped to the opportunity to travel to Europe when I started working with the London and Berlin teams at eBay. It just happened to be around the same time we decided we were ready to have our next adventure together, starting a family. Although we worried about leaving our 3 month old puppy back home, we had a blast traveling around London, Berlin, Frankfurt, & Munich for the opening day of Octoberfest. Having been one of the best trips we had ever been on, we didn’t really think about much other than living in the moment and soaking it all in. So a few weeks later when I was mentally preparing for my 3rd half marathon in San Luis Obispo (that I had obviously not trained very well for) we were completely surprised to discover we were going to have a baby. We felt like the luckiest couple in the world, and it just made our European vacation that much more special to us.

So here we are a year later and our little poppyseed has grown to be 3 months old. There haven’t been too many big milestones for Luke this month – grabbing Mommy’s hair, deeper belly giggles, kicking his legs (like a swimmer), drooling and creative hair dos. Perhaps the biggest change was Mommy going back to work…

They say to never ask a woman returning from maternity leave the question “How was your vacation?” because having a newborn is anything but a vacation. Although I fully agree that it’s hard work, it was better than a vacation for me. I got 3 whole months to focus on nothing but our family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I drove Rich nuts, but I hold that bonding time very close to my heart. Upon my return, I had a few women colleagues ask me if I cried in the car on my first day back at work like they did. They were shocked when I told them no at first, not on my first day back. It was my first overnight business trip to Salt Lake City– not being able to see & hold Luke before he went to sleep made me feel incomplete. Luckily, Rich sent a video of Luke laughing and chatting up a storm – he was clearly telling me every detail about his day and how his mobile friends hanging above his crib were the coolest. Then the tears (both sad and happy) poured out for 5 minutes straight as I replayed the video over and over again.

 It had always been a struggle for me to have a work life balance, but now I find it easier to be as productive and efficient as possible. My motivation is simple, I want to see that adorable little face before he goes to sleep every day. It completes me.

So Luke – if you ever read this blog post in the future, know that every minute I’m not with you I stop down for 2 seconds to push that little circle on my iphone, get a quick look at your face, and smile. You inspire me to be the best working Mom I can be and you & Daddy mean the world to me. You make my day, everyday. XOXO (forced kisses from Mom)

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